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Nests large: outer diameter is 30-67 cm, height is 25-65 cm, diameter of a tray is 15-25 cm, its depth is 7,5-12,5 cm. The male and a female together build of branches, covering a dry grass. Some years use a nest, completing it.

In an old garden nested forty, big-eared owl in an old magpie nest. It is necessary to tell that nesting on a site birds in which nest one egg was postponed at least were considered. Nested sites (without found became clear on the basis of repeated meetings of partners on one place if for them the nested behavior (singing, pairing was registered. Each known nest or a nested site were considered belonging to one couple.

In orchards there are in parallel two suktsessionny processes influencing specific structure, number and ecological structure of the population of birds: age succession — from young gardens to old; and zalezhny — from propashny row-spacings — to zalkzhenny. These two types of successions are imposed one on another.

Forty — an omnivorous bird. The important place in its fodder diet is taken by insects and mouse-like rodents. From the insects eaten soroky the majority treat wreckers of agriculture — weevils, bugs turtles, etc. Forty does also some harm, ruining nests small and even industrial birds, dragging baby birds.

After a departure from a nest the young keep broods, and only by fall they are provided to themselves. In the fall of a soroka gather at settlements of the person, preferring small villages and the farm. Near human housing of a soroka spend the whole winter, eating various waste here. With approach of spring of a bird otkochevyvat back in the wood.

Now about 8600 bird species are known. Number of types in different latitudes and in the different countries variously. In the territory of our country 650 types that makes about 8% of world fauna of birds meet.

Therefore each person has to protect and show care of birds. And a role of the teacher to impart the pupil love to birds, to teach children cares of birds. The most available and widespread type of care — production and hanging out artificial gnezdoviya. In winter time top dressing of birds is necessary. Feeding troughs are for this purpose hanged out.

Necessary condition of formation of ecological culture is understanding of the social public of relationship of the person with the nature. Ability to predict the remote consequences of intervention of the person in natural interrelations also makes necessary line of ecological culture.

In the mixed garden of cherry and an aroniya 15 bird species are noted. Such types as slavka gray and garden, porridge ordinary, a konoplyanka, lentil are typical here. In berry-pickers 10 nesting types are noted: slavka gray and garden, konoplyanka, lentil, gray partridge, etc.

The ecological analysis of avifauna of orchards shows that at an early stage of formation of gardens (a young garden with propashny row-spacings) dominate types — a partridge, rehashed, the forest fad, porridge ordinary. These types dominate during the long period to 7 summer age of fruit-trees.

The educational: to continue formation of scientific outlook of school students on the basis of disclosure of interrelation of a structure of systems of bodies with their functions, relationship of birds with habitat, physiological relationship with reptiles; using knowledge of fitness of birds to flight, their value in the nature, need of protection, to carry out ecological education, instilling of careful attitude to feathery as important component of habitat; to broaden polytechnical horizons on the basis of knowledge of scientific bases of poultry farming, its role in the solution of tasks of the industry.

The birds living near structures of the person were considered in the territory of the mechanical workshop and garage of equipment located in close proximity to the mixed garden. Here starlings, a rural swallow, a gorikhvostka lodged ordinary built a nest under a wing of the old bus, and a white wagtail — between the put logs.

The concept ecological culture — is the characteristic of level of the relations of the person to the nature. Formation of ecological culture is closely connected with school and pedagogics. It is about development of ecological consciousness which has to become the regulator of all activity and behavior of people.