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Adaptability (adaptability) to conditions and factors of natural and social life, testifies to abilities of the person to reflect natural and public habitat in uncountable vital manifestations and by the principle of feedback to perceive its influence so that to keep and develop itself.

Embodiment of that is presented in the administrative decision in the form of idea, a plan, model, the project, program, plan, a task, an assignment, etc. in real life, consciousness, behavior and activity of people

Function of management - types of the imperious, tseleorganizuyushchy and regulating influences of the state and its bodies on public processes. FUNCTIONS are OBJECTIVE as proceed from essence of the state and express its administrative and social appointment. Functions are distinguished in a subject (that), to the contents (why), to a way of preservation or transformation of administrative components (as).

Efficiency is addition of 2 moments: differences between results and expenses (will reduce. about. balance); ability of this difference to satisfy real vital needs of society. Improvement of social conditions and a gain.

To find and define a source result of management, that is to reveal that from everything, involved in administrative processes (bodies, documents, resources, orgmer, etc.) acted as the valid source of the corresponding concrete result (professionalism, talent, or excessive financial expenses).

Natural and public conditions which were created owing to long interaction of the person and the nature. Geography of moving of people, types grado-and housing constructions, character of settlements, technologies of agriculture, types of communications, ways and methods of work and life, value of the hostel, tradition, customs and mentality.

The system of the economic relations - given systems and connects production base to human potential and provides reproduction of material products, and also the social and other services necessary for maintenance of activity of society and each certain person

Existence, development, the contents and forms, the directions and sense of improvement of GU are defined by objective requirements of society. Public needs for management prove first of all as administrative interests of people, their collectives, communities, in general societies.

Public administration is the practical, organizing and regulating impact of the state on public activity of people for its streamlining, preservation or transformation relying on imperious force. The defining factor of ensuring rationality, that is expediency, validity and efficiency of GU the sociality - fullness of GU acts as public inquiries and expectations, real life of people.

The production base - with the technology, specialization and cooperation within the territory of a certain community of people can and has to be considered as an objective reality. Really it represents the only material (technogenic) basis of existence of society.

Natural and geographical conditions. Each people occupy the territory on the globe, and natural properties of this territory (the soil, climate, a relief, water resources, a geographical arrangement, etc. dictate to people the technologies of a production activity and a form of public life answering to them.

On schemes direct and return managing directors of influence who take the central place in GU are visible. In direct connections allocate the operating influences and the GU that elements which are connected with their formation and realization.

System of elements of administrative process: "information - knowledge ability and ability to analyze the operated objects and to find objective levers of impact on object - resources - ideas - expert estimates - decisions - actions - results".

The social - cumulative and general result which receives society in the course of production or performance of a certain sort of work, and at consumption of the corresponding material, social and cultural wealth.

The spiritual culture - has two cuts - subjective, connected by that spirituality is manifestation of a subjective factor and objective, reflecting material fixing spiritual, its transformation into historical heritage.